Apple Iphone vs. Andorid Essay

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Steven Reiche 11/3/2012
English 101

The Apple IPhone and Android devices have been at war for a while. Many people will argue that both devices are completely different and that one is tenfold better than the other. However, when putting the two in a side by side comparison, you learn that they are much more a-like than they are different. From the processors, app store and capabilities the two phones can almost be viewed as the same smart phone, almost. Starting with the companies themselves, Apple and Android devices are available on almost all networks. As for the market, all the consumers really want is power and speed. Speed for the phone is usually determined by the service provider you use. With Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile offering the IPhone and Android phones, there really is no difference between the two phones’ speeds. The only factor can be the plan you have purchased. Some may argue that the technology for the phone may be more up to date with the 4g and 3g but that does not have anything to do with the phone itself. Yet again it is only a factor of the service provider itself. Both phones offer cool extras such as games and other fun applications downloadable from the app store. With the two phones coming from different companies, the app stores that they use are both completely different. Apple uses their own App store which has been developed over many years and has over 700,000 thousand applications currently available for download. As for the android devices, they use their own which is called the Android marketplace which currently has 500,000 applications available for download. Although the Apple app store may have more queries, it does not suppress the fact that they are still similar. The app stores are both still similar because they both still available the same applications. The apple app store may have more applications but that is only because it lets private developers upload their own applications to make profit, whereas the Android marketplace, powered by Google, only allows for big companies such as Rovio, the creators of angry birds to publish their apps on the marketplace. One last similarity is the user interface it offers. For the Apple IPhone, the user interface is quite simple. It has a desktop and…