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Date: 16 Oct 2012
Margaret Mercer

Date: 16 October 2012
From: Group 7
SUBJECT: Feasibility of introducing Apple Technology into the workplace.
As per our group decision, the Apple Technology should implement into the workplace. It will boost up the efficiency and effectiveness of our organisation.
We are facing a series of problems with our existing computer system from the last few months. Due to the old window operating system, the speed of the computers is very slow. It results in time consuming and less productive system. Sometimes, the computer system freezes when the employees are dealing with the clients and important information is lost. To overcome these problems, Apple Technology is the best solution because it saves the cost for the repairs and maintenance.

In order to run the computers properly we spend a lot of money for the repairs and maintenance including the antivirus software’s, RAM’S and processors every year. There is a series of leading companies available in the market like Dell, Acer, Samsung and Apple. To overcome these problems, our group recommend apple technology in our organisation. All Apple hardware comes with one year warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Also, we can extend our coverage by purchasing the Apple care protection plan. So we need to do the certain changes:- * Switching the computers with the MacBook’s. * Adopting Apple technology including iPad’s and iPhones.

How Apple products could benefit us
Apple management and engineers spent countless hours to design MacBook’s with Machine-tosh processor. The machine-tosh operating systems help us to run the system with the same speed even after ten years as it has on the very first day. There is no chance of virus that could affect the software’s so that there is no need of installing extra anti-virus soft-wares. We can save the cost on antivirus soft-wares and upgrading of systems. Apple products could help our organisation for secure browsing and Interact transfers with our clients. On the other side, we can also install the Windows Operating system in the MacBook’s that helps us to use the soft-wares compatible with windows only. Keynote can transform reports and essays into dynamic, animated presentations featuring photos, movies, even music. Every major piece of software including Microsoft applications