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Which Smartphone Is Right For You? With all the new smartphones being released, you may be ready to upgrade or even purchase your first smartphone. Although there are similarities between Apple and Android, there are also many differences. Features, appearance, design, and cost should all be taken into consideration when selecting the smartphone that is best suited to your needs. When deciding on a new smartphone one important decision will be which platform you choose; Apple or Android. Apple has a simpler layout and is more user friendly while android would be directed towards more advanced users. Knowing what you have to choose from is a good place to start. Apple only makes the iPhone, therefore you will only need to select the model you prefer, for example: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Android, on the other hand has a vast majority of smartphones to choose from. Several manufacturers contribute to Android, for example: Samsung, HTC, and LG. Each separate manufacturer produces a different model, for example: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3. Meaning, there are numerous phones to choose from, as opposed to only one phone, just a different model as with the iPhone. Which might I add, has barely changed at all between models. Leading me into my next point, appearance and design. Appearance and design are important parts of your selection process. Maybe you prefer a slim phone with a small screen or perhaps something with a larger display. Androids are known for their big display. Apple has however started to increase screen size on iPhones, although Android is still taking the lead with the Google Nexus 6 that has a 6 inch display. The design of the iPhone has been consistent, using the rectangular “boxy” shape. The outward appearance of the phone hardly changes between models. Seemingly innovation is something Apple makes scarce with their products. Android, on the other hand, is in a completely different ball park. There are numerous phone models to choose from each differing greatly in appearance. Four different contributing manufacturers give Android the advantage in this area, simply because there is more room for innovation. If you are like me and like to have the freedom to customize your phone the way you want it, Android smartphones allow you to do that. IPhones do not allow the user this option which for me is a major con for Apple. Within the customization realm, Android offers endless possibilities including but not limited to changing your phone and messaging font, various device unlock modes and effects, changing the color of the LED indicator, messaging theme/backgrounds, color keyboards, along with the ability to change the appearance of your icons. Customization within Apple is simple, you change your background, lock screen, and unlock mode, along with a few other customization options. There is simply not as many customization options with Apple. Apple offers a simple layout and is more user friendly compared to the advanced layout of Android. Depending on personal preference, some individuals prefer the simplicity Apple offers with the iPhone. There are some similarities in features but for the most part they vary. Apple is known for Siri and facetime, Android for widgets and the open nature that frees you to do things Apple products just can’t. Android has integrated features similar to Siri and facetime for their products. Google hangouts is Android’s facetime, S Voice being the Siri of Android for Samsung products. Apple’s newer iPhone’s come with fingerprint scanners, which Android has also incorporated into their new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as well as a heart rate sensor. Both Apple and Android have app stores. The app store for Apple products, and the play store for Android. As far as apps go, key apps almost always debut on IOS first. If you are one that likes games, Apple has the upper hand with a greater selection of games than that of Android products. IPhone’s use widgets only in the