Apple: Power and Influence at the Workplace Essay examples

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Power & Influence in the
Work Place iQuit: What Really Goes On At Apple

Background Info
Former Apple employee Ben Farrell has written a lengthy, detailed blog post explaining the reasons he quit the company
Quality program manager AppleCare
Confidentiality Agreement

Sources of Power

Reward power
Expert power
Referent power

Legitimate power

Legitimate power comes from having a position of power in an organization, such as being the boss or a key member of a leadership team.

Coercive power

Coercive power is conveyed through fear of losing one’s job, being demoted, receiving a poor performance review, having prime projects taken away, etc.

Contingencies & Consequences of Power

Substitutability of Power
○ they knew they could fill these voids seamlessly or get someone else dying for a position at Apple to take on more work.

Consequences of Power

Employees are more likely to feel empowered with a strong learning orientation
Motivated, Higher Job satisfaction Increasing power can undermine an employee

Influencing Others:

silent authority assertiveness information control coalition formation upward appeal persuasion ingratiation/impression management exchange

“management spoke of times when Apple executives made ‘strategic’ decisions to cut jobs and shut down Apple sites so swiftly and carelessly”
“Team spirit is non existent as ‘internal customers’ attack individuals and push agendas.” Organizational Politics
• Defined: Someone who emphasizes self-interest and