Apple: Sales and Apple Stores Essay

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Promotion is communication by marketers that informs, encourages, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or extract a response.
Our customer will reside our product from our retailer who will advertise our product on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, by internet, which are examples of websites, e-mail blogs, and interactive video technology located in department stores and supermarkets.
Our product will be demonstrated to public relations which help us to sell more and faster. Public relation helps an organization communicate with its customers, suppliers, stockholders, government official, and employees. We will become more educated and known by using public relations. We can improve our product and achieve our company’s goals and objectives by introducing new products to our customers.
Our sale promotions are a trade show that in any Apple stores you will see in much different Apple technology.
Our personal selling will help our customers to decide what they like to buy from Apple Company. They can go to Apple store and talk to any empowerment face-to face or over the phone sales associates. Our company likes to make a long-term relationship with our customers. We like to have our customers e-mail or number phone to be in touch with them.
Apple product which is available in internet customer can find the website by the company massage. The sender and encoding will be helpful for our Apple Company; sender might be a parent, a friend, or a sales person who help the customer to find our product in Facebook or any other advertising website. Customer can find the product website by the voice, radio, newspaper or other communication medium.


We negotiate our product to buyers and sellers, and also customers of moving the product from the manufacture in to the hands of the final consumer.
We introduce our IPhone by providing specialized and division of labour to all Apple stores, Fido, Bell, and Rogers by sending e-mail for them. We will describe about the discrepancy of quantity that will provide