Apple Strategy Essay

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Magical Apple

Apple’s over-arching company strategy follows an innovative, mysterious and customer-centered strategy. One of the main reasons for Apple’s success has to do with their large commitment to satisfying customers while continuously innovating their products and design without creating a sense of “too much” or confusing their consumers through new operating systems. These goals, which create a unique and successful company, are achieved through the ways in which they use the five key strategic elements: arena, differentiators, vehicles, staging and pacing, and economic logic. The arenas in which Apple play have developed strategically alongside their products; inevitably, like most businesses, as Apple grew and their
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Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways – innovation at Apple stems mainly from spur of the moment ideas and unplanned meetings. Apple is also very selective about the choices they make, saying “no” to many things in order to find the perfect thing to say yes to. “it’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”
Keeping products a complete secret until they appear in stores

Computer, music, mobile telephone and retail industries.
Deep commitment to understanding how people used computing devices and a desire to develop “insanely great products.”
Match needs, abilities and dreams of millions of customers.
“The company often defies conventional business logic and was not afraid to experiment outside its core markets.”
Built retail stores when competitors were moving to direct sales and distribution models
Apple realized that they needed to enter the business