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Have you always dreamed of visiting Churchill, Manitoba, but want more than the usual package tour experience? Why not consider the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC), an active research facility located 23 km from town where the northern reach of the boreal forest meets the southern extent of arctic tundra? Each five to seven day course is a true learning experience led by professional scientists and expert guides. Participants will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the culture, history and wildlife of the Churchill area through daily interaction with visiting scientists and fellow travellers. There are no tests and no grades, but guided tours and presentations will open new doors to learning for even the most seasoned traveller.

The CNSC offers programs on birding, beluga whales, wildflowers, subarctic ecology, northern lights & astronomy and, of course, polar bears. Some learning vacations are offered by the Centre under the CNSC Learning Vacation brand, while others are organized by partner organizations such as Road Scholar or Earthwatch Institute.

All meals, airport/train shuttle, local tours, wildlife viewing opportunities and presentations are included in the course price. Accommodations are basic, but comfortable, with dormitory-style rooms (each sleeping up to 4 people during peak season) and shared washrooms with private showers.After 8 months of snow cover, the ice in the Churchill River begins to move and the tundra comes alive with