Apple: World and Aldo Essay

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1. What did Aldo do well in expanding overseas? How did they achieve this?
Aldo sprouted over 1,500 stores in more than 55 different countries. Unlike other stores Aldo is known all around the world because of their great marketing. In my opinion I think Aldo should not only focus on major countries but to also focus on the smaller countries. I feel if there are more stores available for the consumers then the more goods that are being sold. Mr. Bensadoun has the capacity of finding emerging trends and getting them faster than its competitors, which gives him the advantage because the customers will get the first look from Aldo rather than other stores. The way achieved this is because he tried to get as much help and advice he can. So he got some advice from Tim McGuire, a senior partner at consultancy McKinsey & Co... Tim McGuire said “They’re the best in the world at what they do, and they’re doing it everywhere in the world.” Also Mr. Bensadoun expanded well overseas which complied with having more consumers.
2. What suggestions would you make to the CEO of Aldo?
I would suggest the CEO of Aldo to continue expanding around the globe because you can’t just make half of your stores in North America and end up making 2 Billion. I believe that if there are more stores around the globe the more consumers there will be, which means more money. Also not only expanding stores, I believe Aldo should expand their team. The bigger the team the faster the products are made,…