Applebee Family Character Analysis

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Living in the beautiful outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky, the Applebee family lives a productive and jubilant life. The members of the family include: Sally, Mary-Ann, Billy-Bob, and Huck. The head of the household is Sally; she is a thirty two year old white mother of three children who loves gardening and spending time with her 15 year old daughter Mary-Ann and her 17 year old twin boys, Billy-Bob and Huck. Growing up on a family raised farm, Sally loved to take care of the farm animals, as well as gained an appreciation for growing crops. Sally loved living on the farm, but sadly it was lost in the recession, leading her to depression and a struggle to take care of her family. Sally runs a full-time job as the assistant store manager at her local Walmart, earning a cool $47,000 a year, but aspires to …show more content…
The twin boys are seniors and the daughter, Mary-Ann, is a sophomore. Although the boys have no plans to go to college, Mary-Ann is likely attend because she is at the top of her class at the neighborhood public school. Mary-Ann wishes to earn a degree in Biology in order to become a veterinarian and help her family out in the future. All her life, Mary-Ann has had passion for caring for the farm animals so she studies hard in school to achieve her dreams. Mary-Ann isn’t the only child with ambition in the family, Billy-Bob and Huck hope to own a family farm and are saving whatever money they don’t pay bills with. Sally is very proud of her children because she knows that they could have easily fallen victim to the lures of neighborhood criminals and drug-dealers. The overall crime rate in Lexington is about 50% higher than the national average and there is a heroin epidemic plaguing most of Kentucky. The children deliberately take all the necessary steps to stay out of trouble in their neighborhood and hope to be able to move far away as soon as