Apples: Adolescence and Adult Life Essay

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his own relatively comfortable and happy childhood.Henson hens necks slams jerks nddjjdjjdjdndkok boy you makke me feels so lickky Lucky baby we could when we become members of a cruel, unjust society can the blissful ignorance of childhood be appreciated and missed. The novel Catcher in the Rye explores how adult life appears complex and incomprehensible to teenagers on the brink of entering it. Through the main protagonist Holden Caulfield, J.D. Salinger captures the confusion of a teenager when faced with the challenge of adapting to an adult society.

When Holden Caulfield is first introduced as a character he appears to be a fairly typical, normal teenager. He complains about his school, which he claims is no better than ‘any other school’, and the language he uses makes him sound rude and obnoxious. Holden also seems to think about girls often, especially ‘Jane’, yet another typical trait of a teenage boy. However, it soon becomes evident that Holden’s personality does not conform to the teenager stereotype. Although he appears to have some friends, namely his roommate and ‘Ackley kid’, it is clear that he does not integrate well with his peer group. Holden isn’t able to read social cues like most teenagers learn to do. For this reason, he is constantly ‘horsing around’ without any thought as to how his behaviour affects the people around him. Even his friends have matured enough to recognise that Holden needs to ‘grow up’. Such incidents are an early indication