Essay Apples and Oranges

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Apples and Oranges You bite into it; it’s full of juicy goodness. It is an apple. Not very different, but much less appetizing is the apple’s cousin, the orange. At first glance these two ordinary fruits seem to have no relative difference, but boy is that observation wrong. Comparing these two fruits, one will find that their texture, their appearance, their taste and even their nutritional values have some hefty differences. In reality the orange overall fails compared to the apple.
Picking up the lustering red apple, one would notice its soft, yet hard outer skin. In comparison, the orange has a rough, almost bumpy outer casing. But once you start to apply pressure to the skin, you will find that it is almost squishy like a tough balloon. Another noticeable difference is color. An orange tone, almost like the sunset is what colors every orange no matter what type you eat. On the contrary, apples come in many different colors; the most popular in the Mid-West are red, green, and yellow. Looking closely at an apple you will find a stem that branches out from the core of the apple. This stem is mostly used for picking the apple up and transferring it from place to place. Transfer is made easy by the use of the stem. Oranges have no stems to make transfer easy, they nearly have a closed off crevice that sprouts from the inner core. The Apples astonishing appearance makes for a much more enticing experience.
Secondly, the taste of the apple outshines the taste of the orange. Biting into an apple, one would first notice the tough, yet thin skin that protects the core. After you have surpassed the thin skin, a sour taste would envelope your mouth. As quickly as it came, it would be gone, and a sweet buoyant taste would replace it. Unlike the apple, the orange has an inedible outer layer of skin, so you must peel it. This can often take a while and becomes very annoying. Once peeled, people often run into a white stringy substance called pulp. Although it is edible, many Americans find pulp to be repulsive. The first bite into an unpeeled…