Essay on Apple's Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Apple’s Social Media Marketing Campaign

Apple’s Social Media Marketing Purpose
The purpose of Apple’s social media marketing campaign is to drive discussion around new products and to generate new product ideas and concepts for its consumers. Apple has long been a leader within its technology markets and requires expedited access to consumer reviews and comments about its products. A successful social media campaign will consist of many users discussing products and hearsay about potential products. In the past Apple has left much of its social media conversations solely in the hands of its consumers. Essentially, its strategy was to create a social buzz by staying completely silent, instead letting the rumour mill do the
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In using the Facebook and YouTube social media channels, Apple will continue that marketing program, of speaking in a language that our customers can understand. To ensure good communication, providing them with useful information and gaining information from them, both the firm and the client need to understand one another clearly.
Strategy and Action Plan: Apple, the company behind pleasing hardware that keeps fans amazed seems to not be enough these days in the world of social media (Weinberg, 2009). The firm needs to communicate on a more personal level, rather than always through advertisements, brochures and news prints. Apple needs to interact more with our customers and do more than just broadcasting because listening and engagement is the key to overall customer satisfaction. Listening is very important and can help boost ratings, turning prospective buyers into customers and keeping customers as fans of Apple.
Apple’s Twitter Engagement Strategy
• Twitter is a site where people communicate with followers and fans. o Through our Twitter account Apple will aim to provide followers with information on the firm’s major activities and initiatives. o Apple will welcome the thoughts and ideas on any and all topics. o Apple will be committed to having a dialogue with its followers. o Apple will strive to respond to as many relevant questions and comments.
Apple’s Facebook Engagement Strategy
• Facebook