Essay on Apples: The Crucible and John Proctor

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Act II Scene 2 is primarily a long scene between John Proctor and Abigail in a wooded area at night. They start off with small talk but the conversation heats until Abigail reveals her true motives to him. She tells John “I will make quite a wife when the world is white again” (141). This reveals that she will accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft to remove her from the picture so that she may be John’s wife. In response, Proctor informs Abigail that he will expose her plot to the court. “You will tell the court you are blind to spirits; you cannot see them anymore, and you will never cry witchery again, or I will make you famous for the whore you are!” (Miller 152).

Up until this point, the author has portrayed Abigail as almost an omnipotent being with the ability to manipulate Salem into jailing/hanging whoever she wishes. Her ability to manipulate the entire town makes her seem like a genius that was out to prove the faults in their court system. But with the admission of her solely wishing for Goody Proctor to be removed from the scene, it makes her seem more obsessed than intelligent. While it may clear the air admits all of the chaos, it shatters all previous respect for Abigail and blatantly removes all curiosity or imagination in the viewers minds’. It makes the play boring even as we find out all of the answers relatively quickly into the play. This is why I believe the scene was dropped, it simply makes the play much less interesting and puts Abigail in a…