Application Case 2-1 (Gen Y Rocks the Business World) Essay

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Application Case 2-1 (Gen Y Rocks the Business World)

Question 1: What will organizations have to do to adapt to the influx of needed Generation Y individuals? ANSWER: In fulfilling the demands of technology and to avoid a clash of culture in organization, an adequate knowledge, skills and competencies in various areas by the individual is important. In spite of the influx of workers from different generations as the ‘baby boomers’, Generation X, Generation Y and some of Generation Z in the organization, there arose a great challenge for the management of the organization to put equal importance while dealing with globalization issues. This includes matters relating to the determination of the scope and means of suitable work in
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Generation Y thirst for a quick path to success means the companies that can provide such programs will attract the best of the generation. 3. The next step is to establish a colleague’s relationship or internal social relationship between all generations, particularly Generation Y. Immediate supervisor must ensure that in every discussion, either small or large should be accompanies also by Generation Y individuals and sharing opinions or ice breaking session will run properly in harmony. Immediate supervisor also need to treat them as colleagues and not a stranger in the organization through various means including joining them during lunch or to hear and express opinions during casual conversation. Listening to daily or personal problems also strengthen internal social relationship. This can strengthen workplace wellness and build healthy communication between employees and employer thereby avoiding the clash of cultures between the generations. 4. Supervisors and managers should be more transparent in the process of evaluation of individual employee especially Generation Y. It is recommended to maintain uniformity and consistency in giving a positive response during the process. The evaluator should be more professional and unbiased to any individual and avoid from being too generous in giving marking points. In addition, it is important to not to blame