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I sat there silently. It was my habit to always receive compliments from others about my excellent English skills, about how I exceled at English, especially in communication. And, in the same room, he stood there smiling at me. He was my cousin. He was holding a scholarship certification for a prestigious college in the U.S. Looking at him, I was nothing but a frog trapped in the well and kept looking at the bird roaming over the sky upon. It was a painful realization about myself.
Trung was his name. He made me realize that “my talent in English” was nothing but my arrogant. Nevertheless, I still loved learning English. Afterwards, I found out that I was not fond of English, but rather using it as tool to interact with different people. I believe I have good communication skills. I can foster relationship between people. I have great ideas of how to create a good community sense. For those reasons, I have long determined to major in Public Relations (PR).
As, I have always been genuinely interested in the field of PR, besides maintaining my GPA; I have tried to grab as many opportunities as I can on various activities. In my third quarter attending Seattle Central Community College, I got accepted to be a Community Assistant at the school dorm. It was an intriguing experience for a leadership role. I decided to enhance my skills by involving in officer positions in various clubs at school. By summer quarter, I applied for another job on campus. Successfully, I was chosen to be a Student Office Assistant. To double my achievements, I received an email, which announced that I was awarded a scholarship for $3,000 – Foundation Scholarship. With my activeness, which I believe is an important element in pursuing PR, I have gained many achievements in both extracurricular activities and academic work.
I chose to begin my academic path at a community college with an appropriate tuition since I come from a middle-income family. However, it’s my genuine wish not to let money become a roadblock in