Application For Master Degree In International Marketing

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Application for Master degree in «International Marketing »
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree in June 2011 . I am eager to continue my studies at the marketing field in order to continue acquiring knowledge and deepening my understanding of management and business. I have therefore decided to apply to your program of international marketing. During my years in undergraduate program, I worked as an intern in a cosmetic products company. With my academic foundation of cosmetic material chemistry and marketing, I can easily make SWOT analysis of our products and competitors’ products. Hence, I can compose advanced marketing strategies based on the analysis. On the other hand, I have learned a lot in merchandising. I need to negotiate with different ingredient and vessel suppliers to find the one with reasonable margin price based on the quality. These experiences helped me get adapt to my career quickly. In the school, I was a president of students association. Our team needed to hold many activities which enhanced my ability to complete a task from scratch and acquainted me with teamwork. Additionally, I needed to coordinate among different groups which greatly improved my communication skill. After retiring from this position, I decided to take a part-time job to increase my social experience. I started to work as a manager in a coffee shop. My responsibility was to communicate with suppliers, analyze products stock to prepare statistical reports, and manage staff schedules. After graduating from university, I got a job as marketing personnel in an international company which is related to cosmetic industry. We not only have our own brand but also are under franchise of many foreign brands. So, my tasks included contact with foreign manufacturers to deal with merchandising, development of new products and so on. During this period, I had many opportunities to take participate in conducting the marketing campaigns of new products. I needed to brainstorm for hours in designing marketing strategies for new products. Additionally, I had to think in an all-round manner to analyze customer behaviors and figured out how to