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Camp Lee Staff Application

Return to: Camp Lee 70 Camp Lee Main Road Anniston, Alabama 36207
Date of application___________________

(Please type or print) Name ______________________________________________ Social Security Number______________________ Permanent Address_____________________________________________________________________________
Street and Number City State Zip

Phone_______________________ E-mail_________________________ Birth date:______________ Age:______
Area and Number

School or Business Address_______________________________________________________________________
Street and Number City State Zip

Phone_______________________ Fax_________________________ E-mail_______________________________
Area and Number Area and Number

Dates available From ____________________To_____________________ Dates NOT available from June 1-August 1:________________________; __________________________ What type of position do you want at Camp Lee? ____________________ Salary desired? ___________________ Do you meet or exceed the minimum age requirement for that position? __Yes __No Can you perform the essential functions of the job for which you have applied, with or without reasonable accommodation? __Yes __No Past Work History Provide a full record of all employment – paid and volunteer – and explain any gaps in employment. Include any positions on camp staff. Use a separate sheet if necessary.



Address & Phone

Nature of Work

Reason for Leaving

Indicate any employers you do not wish us to contact, and the reason ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

References Give names and addresses of three persons [not relatives] having knowledge of your character, experience, work habits, and ability. Name Address & City Phone

Camp Experience Dates Camp & Director Location Camper or Staff?

Education High School and Beyond Dates School Address Years completed

Write a brief biographical sketch, including specialized training in camping, and experience or training in other fields which might have a bearing on the position(s) for which you are applying. Attach a separate sheet if necessary. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Camp Program Skills In the following list, put a “T” before those activities you can organize and teach as an expert, and an “A” for those activities in which you can assist. Put a “C” after those in which you have current certification and attach a copy of your certification.
Adventure/challenge ____ Low challenge/ropes course ____ High ropes course Camping/Outdoors ____ Backpacking ____ Hiking ____ Orienteering ____ Outdoor living skills ____ Overnights ____ Wilderness trips Nature ____ Animals/animal care ____ Birds ____ Environmental studies ____ Flowers ____ Forestry ____ Insects Sports/Fitness ____ Baseball/softball ____ Basketball ____ Fishing ____ Football ____ Informal Games ____ Soccer ____ Track/Field ____ Volleyball Water Activities ____ Canoeing ____ Diving ____ Kayaking ____ Swimming ____ __________

Certifications and Camp Support Staff Skills In