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Joshua Harrison-Ball
686 Lightwood Road
Lightwood Road
Stoke On Trent

24th April 2015


To whom it may concern,
I am writing with reference to your advertisement regarding the position of Team Player and I have attached my CV and references with this. Currently I am studying at JCB Academy in Rocester, studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business and will be finished by June 2016. Along with my CV and references, my qualifications and GCSE grades and educational details will be attached to this letter. I am interested in the role of Team Player because I believe I have good technical skills, good business skills, great communication skills from high school and I believe that the course that I am currently on will help me fulfil this role to its full potential. I can offer many different things for the store and the job itself, my main strengths are:
I’m able to work efficiently with different sorts of data and accountancy.
I strive for continued excellence and to do my best with everything.
I feel that I provide good communication skills and good team leadership skills, which partly comes from having to work at Stoke-On-Trent College from voluntary work within the summer, which I feel makes me an ideal candidate because I feel I know how to work well with others and the general public.
This job would not only mean a lot to me but it would also expand on my skills, and my experience