Application paper 1

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Application paper 1
Chapter One Vocab word
Implicit rules- Rules that almost everyone in a certain social group knows and follows, even though no one has formally articulated and expressed them. In one of the scenes in the movie actress Jennifer Lopez was in the park suite which is one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel hanging up cloths for this high society women and the women called her Maria instead of her real name Marissa. Maria is the most common Latino women names. Jenifer didn’t correct her because she thought that it would be rude to correct the women because she had money and normally people with money do not like to be corrected. No one specifically said don’t correct people with money but because of her background and of her position in life she knew not to do this certain thing. Chapter Two Vocab Words
Monochronic- A concept that treats time as a finite commodity that can be earned, saved, spent, and wasted. Jenifer Lopez is a maid that at the start of the movie kept telling her son he had to hurry so she wouldn’t be later for work because she was worried about losing her job. She was extremely stressed about the time and she even put her son’s shirt on backwards because she was focused on being late rather than getting her son dressed.
Polychronic- A concept that treats time as an infinite resource rather than a finite commodity. The lead actor in the movie was a politician and he wanted to walk his dog but he had a meeting at that time and his assistant kept telling him he was going to be late for the meeting he had. The lead man didn’t seem to care if he was late or not. He told his assistant just give me five minutes. He was not worried about time because he knew that he wouldn’t be fired or get into trouble if he missed the appointment.
Chapter 3 vocab
Reflective appraisal- The process whereby our self-concept is influenced by how we think other people see us. At the beginning of the