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Application paper-II
Chetna Sharma
California State University, East Bay

This application paper is reflection of what I learned in last two class meetings we united at and its application in my workplace. In these class meetings, we had presentations, quizzes, and videos on effective communication, successful vs. poor management in health care management, etiquettes, motivation and culture, workplace diversity, conflict management and harassment in workplace.
I am dentist from India. I own a private dental clinic in India where five dentists are including two dental specialists, dental hygienist, dental assistant and lab technician work together offering primary and secondary dental services. Being owner of clinic, I play a role of manager as well. This application paper elaborates how am I going to implement this knowledge in future in my dental setup in India, how would I be mentoring my fellow dentists, assistants and what professional changes would I be incurring in myself that I feel are necessary for performing role of both manager and health professional.
Class meeting on 5.14.2015
Effective communication
Communication if done effectively deepens connections to others, improves teamwork, decision making and problem solving I learned some important aspects about like 7C's of communication and importance of proper time and location in delivering your message.
For instance, in my dental clinic patient arrives with the complaint of unilateral swelling in left mandibular region. After diagnosing, it turns out to be squamous cell carcinoma that has metastasized to lungs. Now in this case scenario besides being considerate (one of 7C's in delivering this message), it is very important to ensure proper time and location of delivering message and the mood of the patient. Time as in when patient has visited clinic with some another family member to morally and emotionally support him and location as in my personal office to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the patient's reports.
Another example, if my subordinate who is under training calls me up, while I am out of station and reports that while she is doing root canal treatment, the epileptic started having fit. It is very important to give her clear, concise, concrete, correct and complete instructions so that she can effectively handle that patient. Complete instruction may include keeping the patient in upright position, putting a cloth in the mouth to prevent falling back of tongue and asphyxiation along with tightly holding upper and lower extremities and instantly taking him to emergency.
Successful management in health care
I understood how could I, as a leader while taking into consideration individual visions and goals, would exhibit similar core skills in building workplace that aims at giving best quality treatment. This can be achieved through leading by example. For instance, I know that for better treatment results, sterilization is very important and hand washing is one of its key components. My subordinates will follow these protocols only if I as a manger adhere to them.
I also learned the necessity of timely measurement of the progress (performance) is also important for successful management. This can be done in dental clinic by keeping record of feedbacks by patient. This will help in evaluating the quality of service provided and level of patient satisfaction. It will also help to understand the shortcomings, if any and will provide room for growth and improvement.
Office etiquettes
I understood the importance of workplace etiquettes. I will be following etiquettes and as a manager will ensure that my colleagues follow them too. These include:
Keeping up the appointments that I made and in case of failure to keep up the appointment because of some emergency, rescheduling them with the consent of patient.
Showing up at the scheduled time of appointment.
Prohibiting use of cell phone while attending to patient.