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Application Plan One Final Self-Awareness Philip Marcotti University of Redlands Group MGMT-604-ST59 MGMT/604 Managerial Assessment and Development Bob Arganbright Week Four September 25th, 2014 Self-Awareness Self-awareness allows for personal growth and understanding. One must be self-aware of themselves before they can be self-aware for others. The two areas of self-awareness that I will focus on are self-disclosure and sensitive line. These two areas are weakness that I would like to reinforce. The purpose of this paper is to examine the two skills and incorporate them into a constructive situation in which they can be evaluated and improved upon. Self-Disclosure Application Plan Being in tune with ones own self-awareness is an important concept for managers to master. Managers must be mindful to resolve problems or issues within themselves before they endeavor to resolve the issues or problems of other. Self-disclosure is one aspect of self-awareness where I need improvement. Unless one is willing to open up to others, to discuss aspects of the self that seem ambiguous or unknown, little growth can ever occur. Self-disclosure, therefore, is a key to improvement in self-awareness (Whetten Cameron, 2011, p.59). I have identified that I want to improve my ability to self-disclose to others. Internally I have a deep perspective and understanding of myself however, there is little growth or expansion because the ideas and thoughts are kept internal. To improve this skill, I must learn how to open my thoughts and feelings to other people this opening up will help ensure that I grow into a self-aware individual. Setting for Application Plan During the course of the next one week, I will reflect on my feelings and thoughts. I will catalog the thoughts and feelings that I have naturally as they occur throughout the day. At the end of each day my wife, Meagan, and I have dinner where I will self-disclose the thoughts and feeling that stand out the most. If my thoughts or feelings touch on issues or problems, I will ask Meagan for her perspective and to provide advice and feedback. At the end of each week, I will reflect back and document any changes that have been made throughout the self-disclosure process. I will also have Meagan document what she thought or gained from the self-disclosure process. Indicators of Successful Performance By adapting my usual behavior to one that involves more self-disclosure I will hopefully improve my self-awareness and strengthen the relationship that I have with Meagan. The indicators and results will be documented by Meagan and me. We will review what we both think in our reflection of the application plan. I will know that I have performed effectively when self-disclosure becomes an organic aspect of my life. The long-term results may not be immediately known however, the short-term results from the application plan will provide insightful indicators. The application plan will also provide a path for setting future goals pertaining to self-disclosure. After the application plan, I will have a starting point for reference and can make goals in relation to self-disclosure and self-awareness. Sensitive Line Application Plan Knowing where my sensitive line is will help me become more self-aware of who I am as a person and provide a structure of tolerance. This concept refers to the point at which individuals become defensive or protective when encountering information about themselves that is inconsistent with their self-concept or when encountering pressure to alter their behavior (Whetten Cameron, 2011, p.58). Controlling and knowing where my sensitive line is will help me be aware of my emotions and the ability to understand and control them. Utilizing the application plan above for self-disclosure will help me to figure out my sensitive line. Setting for the Application Plan The setting for the application plan will be the same setting as the