Application Theory Essay

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Application of Theory
Cindy Perdue-Tufts
Chamberlain College
Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing
Dr. Mikel Hand
December 8, 2013

Application of Theory
Today, the use of modern nursing theory continues to advance and distinguish nursing practices from other care professions. Each theory has its own unique and qualifying characteristics. The objective of this paper serves two purposes. The first is to analyze one middle-range nursing theory, (transition theory), demonstrating how its attributes, specifically effective discharge processes are serving to generate beneficial outcomes for both congestive heart failure (CHF) patients at or above the age of 65 and the healthcare system
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Difficult, but not impossible, by utilizing nursing theory the process of discovery and intentions are considerably enhanced. With respect to CHF patients 65 and older the health care system has already conducted research dedicated to discovering and improving discharge processes and mechanisms designed to resolve patient care complications. The negative health care risks that are inherent to CHF patients places them at a far greater disadvantage of being able to attain any improvements to their individual quality of life. Each of these patients is prone to low self-esteem resulting in pore self-care and self-management and is further complicated by ineffective discharge processes that include loss of patient care continuity, faltering communication and thus resulting in poor patient outcomes. Those patients undergoing transitions must have the full unwavering support of practicing nurses and the health care continuum.
A study known as a randomized controlled trial (RCT) utilized advanced practice nurses (APNs) to facilitate follow on HHC. The RCT afforded the APNs to extend home care intervention beyond the normal follow-on care window by to three months. All APNs had a vast working knowledge on CHF to include considerable filed experience. Their