Application: Week-day Names and Palm Beach Atlantic Essays

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1) yes
2) I am a full time college student at Palm Beach Atlantic University, but my schedule is very flexible. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I am available any time after 2pm. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am available anytime after 10pm.
3) n/a
4) Anthropologies’ aesthetic I would describe to be full of beauty, nature and love.
5) What inspired me to apply at anthropology is because I love all of the clothes and every time I go into one of the stores the employees seem really happy and so sweet. I want a job I can enjoy and be able to put what I have to offer into it.
6) I respond best to considerate leaders, its basically doing what any considerate person would do, but in the context of leadership. Because you concern yourself with employees' interests and well-being, you're sensitive toward their feelings, needs, and goals. Before making decisions, you seek suggestions from your employees and consider what effects those decisions will have on the team. By openly praising and privately correcting subordinates, you establish a working environment in which people trust, respect, and follow you.
7) One example of how I provided outstanding customer service was when
8) I loved working actually; I like to carry on responsibilities and feel like I am helping out people.
9) For inspiration I go to my older sister Brianna. She is a hard worker, a strong leader, and has the heart of gold.
10) My style is very girly and put together, and classy.