Application of Linguistics of English Language Essay

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A. What are these words in normal English script?

Phonemic script English script

1. /naɪf / knife

2. / mɪɵɒləɗʒɪ / mythology

3. / aɪlənɗ / island

4. / kjʊə / cure

5. / Һjʊməres / humourous

6. / əkwaɪə / acquire

7. / krʌmz / crumbs

8. / ɪgzæmɪneɪʃən / examination

9. / juːniːk / unique

10. / Ɵættʃʃ / thatch

B. Write these words in a phonemic transcription:

English script Phonemic script

1. thumb / ɵʌm /

2. weather / weðə /

3. deserve / ɗɪzɜːv /

4. knights / naɪts /
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A pail of water |
|2. A bucket of an excavator |2. No equivalent for pail |
|3. Bucket seat – to denote a child’s |3. No equivalent for pail |
|safety seat in a car | |

Referring to the simple comparison shown in the table above, I would ensure my students are taught both words using the right context, so that, they are able to grasp the more definitive meaning of each.

Generally, in Malaysia, both the words bucket and pail are widely used in conversations and writing purposes, though, the word pail may seem the preferred word.

If you look out for the meaning of both these words, it has the same definition – which says – an open container with a handle used for carrying water.

An overview of the usage of both words would give a clearer perspective of the distinct identity and differences that they have.

I. What is the mistake in each of these sentences? If you can, suggest how it might have arisen.

i) One speaks English here. ( On a notice outside a shop