Applied Creativity Assignment 2 Essay example

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Applied Creativity Assignment 2
A service that I find has potential to be innovated is the public transit. They try their best to have all the public transit, Go buses, and Go trains to have matching timing so clients can get off one bus and get onto the other. Recently about a month ago I was forced to take the public transit. This meant that I have to take the public transit from my house to the Go station to take the train and then catch another bus to Sheridan College. I was late for class every day, just because the times did not match. What I propose is do have all the schedules to be redone in a manner that is timely. Couple of ways that could be done is to have all the public transit buses match the go train times. I would have to take a bus 1 hr earlier in order to catch the go train so I could be at school on time. It is obliviously very complicated to having matching times or you would think so. Also they have to consider the fact of picking other clients up and also traffic lights and road conditions. For example let’s say the train leaves at 905am. The public transit bus will be at my house either at 840, or I can take one at 815am. The 840am bus will miss the train even though it will be there 2 or 3 minutes after the train leaves. All the trains have a 1hr gap between them. All that really has to be done is to move the bus schedule couple of minutes earlier and this problem could be avoided and make our lives much easier. My second idea was that you have…