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People have choices about what job appeal to them; which profession provide higher salaries; even whether the job have a comfortable environment and so forth. My friend Pedro, who did his part-time job in a fashionable clothing shop as a shopping guider, and at the same time he did sales for extra awards. He is satisfied with his work due to clothing-matching interest, which bring high performance during working.

As his friend, I strongly believe that he is a modern and fashionable boy who loves clothing, which may be the most important reason of being satisfied with this job. He said there is a positive correlation between high performance and getting more opportunities (like promotion). When he selected clothes suited customers and saw their smile, he was delighted and then tried his best to meet customers’ needs. In addition, matching up clothes improves his appreciation ability and insight in his life.

During our talk, he referred he originally intended to earn extra living expenses thereby relieving parents’ burden and being more independent. As a shopping guider who has fixed working time and relatively less pressure, which means the part-time job will not affect his study. Nevertheless, once he did the work, he was passionate about giving customers matching advice through excellent communication capabilities and insight. Besides, as a patient, confident and an outgoing person, these personalities result in his superior performance in working. Obviously, he is qualified for the job. In order to get higher salaries and bonus, he made enough efforts to choose suitable clothes for customers and persuade them to buy, maximizing shop’s sales profit. He is not only motivated by his goal (being more independent), interest guides him to finish every-day tasks as well.

Pedro loves his job and clearly recognizes his role in working. During work time, he keeps in touch with other