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Critical review
My Personal Views:-

I have taken the problem that why students apply for visa extensions from abc college, the critical review is as follow:-

1. Comment on the project question giving details of five positive and negative reflections on the subject chosen. What improvements would you have made?

The five positive points are:-

1. I have to complete this whole project by my self. Now being at the end of my project I have the confidence in myself to do any task alone.
2. While doing my primary research I interviewed 12 student as well as campus manager, which helped me in increasing my communication skill.
3. In my first assignment I had prepared a questionnaire and did planning for doing my research in which I had deadlines to complete my survey and after completing all the surveys I analyses the collected data and prepared my report since from this I learn about excellent time management.
4. Since I did this assignment alone thus there was no need to schedule my work with others and I did each and every task according to my available time which is quite helpful in maintaining my work schedule.
5. I have given my presentation confidently and represent the data collected in the report in synchronized manner, it help me to represent my self expressively.

There are some negative or weak points:-

1. Almost all the students do this subject in groups but I did all the assignments myself which consumed my extra time and it took more time to complete my assignments as compared to other students working on the same assignments.

2. I had very less discussion sessions because I don’t have any group mate and the only I had, was with campus manager Marma Temu and few students. Moreover there was a term break in between my research time.

3. Also another negative point of doing the assignment alone is that I lack in having enough ideas. However I still manage to give the best of my knowledge in the assignments.

4. I had given my presentation alone and I spoke for about 20 minutes which could be less if I had a group because then we could have done it in parts with more coherence. Also I got confused between my recommendation and conclusion due to which my tutor was unsatisfied with my performance.

5. I strive for suggestions for doing my project and in choosing the appropriate topic but finally after getting help from my tutor. I decided to choose the problem that why students apply for visa extensions from abc.

Needs to do improvements

1. I need to improve communication skills because I felt lack of confidence in the beginning when I had interview with Teenu. So I need to improve my confidence level. Because in future, this thing would help me to communicate more efficiently with my managers at all.

2. More conversation with students and tutor would help me to do the project more accurately.
3. I got unsatisfactory grades in presentation but I think there is a lot of room for improvement in oral presentation like speaking in coherence and synergy from the beginning to end.
4. No doubt I have given appropriate recommendations but in future I will give recommendations more clearly.

2. During the planning stage of the project what did you learn about your own skills and abilities and what key skills will you need to develop in the future?

Every problem can be solved easily if you have good skills. I need skills in life to do any type of work either the work is hard or easy. I have learnt so many skills form my college where I am studying, at my workplace and I also learnt so many skills during this project.

For example: - This project helped me to developed strong communication skills, planning, and problem solving skills. But I think I lack in some of the skills which will need to improve in the future like time management skills, decision making skills and of doing work with confidence and team work if working in a team. In future, I will do my best and will work