Essay on Applied Reserach Course Project

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Applied Research Course Project
Radames Ramirez
MIS589 – Networking Concepts and Applications
Instructor: Lynn Risley

MIS589 Project Milestone 0Proposal Draft | Cloud infrastructure ServicesKaiser Permanente Hospitals | Prepared by: Radames RamirezDate: 03/03/2016 | Approved by: | 1. Description of the service-summary In an attempt to provide end users with a well maintained network storage that would be easily accessible from any location while maintaining a secured connection. To provide an environment to minimize the use and maintenance of local servers, server space, connectivity, and redundancy. | 2. Intended clients or customers The intended client or customer would be the end
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| 2. Intended clients or customers The intended client or customer would be the end users of the company, this end users vary from medical office assistants, physicians, office managers, nurses, administrative assistants, receptionist, finance dept, insurance dept, medical records, and materials management to name a few. | 3. Business objective statementThe business objective is to minimize the cost of maintaining 40+ servers on a specified region, meanwhile providing for data storage, redundancy, and fast access to network files that would be housed in the cloud. By reducing the amount of servers being used, we will be able to diminish the cost of maintenance, to include countless hrs of troubleshooting and data logging to find missing files that can be kept in over 15 data dedicated servers. | 4. Application architecture descriptionThe application architecture would consist of building a system that in scalable for future growth, it would possibly include emails servers, data servers, instant messaging. | 5. Information provided to the clientsThe clients would be notified of the changes being made via email, departmental meetings, and online training in order to be able to find their files and incur minimal downtime.