Apply Big Ideas Essay

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Adam Schweickert
Mrs. Zimmerman
English IV
29 August 2014
Apply Big Ideas

Have you ever wondered how old the bedtime story your parents or grandparents read you was? The story could be a lot older than you would imagine and it could be in a different form. Our ancestors have had a huge impact on our religions we believe today and on many African religions also. It is just that some people do not realize how big the impact of our ancestors really are. In How Stories Come to Earth a wise old spider named Kwanku Anansi is traveling and tricking animals, to capture them and bring them to the Sky-God. The Sky-God holds all the stories tight. The spider earns the Sky-Gods respect by tricking and capturing all sorts of stuff such as animals and dolls. This was all possible with the spiders wives help. The Sky-God turned his stories over to the spider and his wife. They then started sharing the stories on earth.This is how we have stories today according to this story. “Our history shows that Ancient Egyptians believed that their circumstances were the result of blessings bestowed on them by their Gods.” (Jeffrey Wilhelm) In Coyote Steals Fire a coyote gambles with his uncle Thunder in a interesting dice game. The coyote distracts Thunder to where he then can cheat his way into winning fire. Thunder knows that coyote has cheated his way to victory but his uncle Thunder cannot prove it. Thunder gives coyote fire, though Thunder then tells coyote that he is going to kill him because Thunder knows he had cheated his way to victory. The coyote separates from his body and hid nearby as Thunder blew the rock with fire in it up into pieces. Other animals that were present then gathered up little pieces of fire for themselves. According to this story, this is how fire was brought upon. This is…