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Since the dawn of civilization, man has sought to further communication and interaction with his fellow man. The motivation behind this pursuit has been many fold: Some sought and seek this interaction for economic purposes, some for cultural purposes, and some still for educational purposes. Regardless of the incentive, different people in different times have sought to enhance the technology so as to further this pursuit. From the advent of writing in pre-bronze age Mesopotamia to the creation of the printing press in Renaissance Germany to more modern inventions like the radio and telegraph, much of human history has been devoted to making this large world smaller and smaller and furthering our communication and interaction. In this …show more content…
plays an important part in this process. The next step in the process is to do an extensive analysis of the acquired data and complete a needs assessment. This process determines the priorities for the decision maker and assists in selecting the areas that require prompt attention. In the social networking environment the biggest stakeholders are the users. That is why their involvement is significant in the development of safe and secure social networking environment. The results of the polls and surveys along with a complete understanding of violation history must be the major alibis to come up with alternate approaches to the matter. Moreover, the stake holders i.e. the users can contribute heavily in the idea development process and the solutions generated through this channel will create extensive and efficient results.
After the tragic incident of September 11, 2001, federal government monitors the online activities for the purpose of fighting terrorism. This legislation known as the PATRIOT ACT has been the victim of many debates. The feeling of being monitored all the time develops a number of concerns in the minds of citizens especially those who conduct major portion of their professional and social life on the web. Other legislatures like the copyright laws and the sexual harassment laws are of pivotal importance when it comes to dealing with issues regarding social networks. Through the help of user surveys and concerned federal