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NSW Government Schools
International Students 2012-2013
Your unique Australian study experience rse No cou es eas fee incr nd a in 2012 2013


Your unique study experience
Experience of a lifetime: safe, secure and the right choice
Government schools in Sydney and across New South Wales (NSW) offer an exciting opportunity for your child to live and learn in a safe, friendly, multicultural community. Our schools are world-renowned for the variety of academic and creative subjects and innovative use of classroom digital technology. We also help your child adjust quickly to the Australian school experience. The NSW government school system is the largest education network in Australia. Each school offers a secure, safe and dynamic learning environment so you can be confident that your child will have a rich and rewarding learning experience. Primary schools and most high schools are coeducational. There are also a number of single-sex (boys only or girls only) high schools and some senior colleges (Years 11 and 12 only). We are proud of the achievements of many international students who have graduated to universities in Australia and overseas. Your child’s future depends on your decision. You will make the right choice when you apply to a NSW government school.

Leaders in digital technology
Our aim is to help your child develop a wide range of skills to prepare for a globally-connected world of communication and online technology. In NSW government schools, computer and e-Iearning strategies are integrated into classroom activities so that students develop digital technology and web-based skills for their secondary and tertiary education. Students enrolling in Year 9 to Year 11 are also provided with a laptop for their educational use throughout their studies in a NSW government high school. Approved education portals provide online learning resources for appropriate age levels. All students enrolled in NSW government schools are provided with access to authenticated, approved internet and email services. Email allows students to share knowledge with other learners, to research topics and to work collaboratively with other students and teachers. With an internet connection and a web browser, students can access learning resources at school, public libraries, at home in Australia or worldwide, using a personal account supplied by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.


The NSW government school system is the largest education network in Australia. Each school offers a secure, safe and dynamic learning environment New Sout so you can be confident your child will have a h Wales has rich and rewarding learning experience.

Caring support so your child excels
NSW government schools create a positive experience for all students. Staff encourage students to excel in their studies and develop their talents. Each school has a strong discipline code and staff provide high quality pastoral care and support. The student welfare team includes the international student coordinator, year adviser, school counsellor, careers adviser and English as a Second Language support teachers and provides ongoing assistance for your child.

Great study locations

a diverse landscape of urban and rural communit ies

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, is located on Australia’s east coast. It has a population of four million people, many from more than 200 countries. It is an affluent, cosmopolitan city and one of the most harmonious, multicultural areas in the Asia Pacific region. It is one of the top five cities in the world for its high quality health system, innovation, transportation, lifestyle and sustainability. (2011 Cities of Opportunity Report)

The Australian Government wants overseas students to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study. Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. The NSW Department of Education and Communities - Schools