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Placement Proposal

Fashion Editor

What is a fashion editor?

* In charge of guiding the direction of a publication in terms of clothing, accessories and shoes.

* Drives their focus through careful selection of written visual pieces that best represent a desired message.

* Coordinate photography shoots with desirable models, clothing designers and photographers to create a reputation for their medium.

* Maybe found working at a magazine, on a television show or on a website.

* They have a great love of fashion, and usually possess a sharp sense of personal style.

* They're usually college educated, with a degree in fashion or art of some variety.

* Compared to other international locations New Zealand fashions editors not only work for fashion publications but also work as commissioned stylists for labels and brands. Their job can entail working on fashion campaigns, coordinating fashion shows and styling look books for seasonal collections.

What is the means to become a fashion editor?

* Usually college educated, with a degree in fashion or art of some variety (yet this is not a requirement)

* Many of them work through the ranks, taking part in internships and using their contacts to get opportunities to move ahead.

* Many people that find a place on an editorial board do so through years of working at fashion shows and events, finding opportunities to meet and talk to people of influence.

* The best fashion editors know the industry from the bottom up.

What effect and influence does a fashion editor have on society?

* Have a huge influence on the world of style and apparel.

* Even those who don't read magazines are affected from what fashion editors create, since retail stores select merchandise inspired by trends sited in other parts of the industry.

* Influential fashion editors have also thrown support behind beginning design houses, creating positive buzz that grows into renown and sales down the line.

* They invent moments in fashion to discover new trends and movements in design.

* Are seen as influential consultants to many designers, working as a soundboard for advice and validation to the designers’ collections that are created.

* A fashion editor can become creative directors’ or head designer’ for high fashion brands. Such as Grace Coddington, who before becoming the creative director of American Vogue was the creative director at Calvin Klein.

What is the downside of the fashion editors’ role and future in the industry?

* Dwindling somewhat with the advent of the Internet and social networking.

* Because of easier access to the world, the wider public are collaborating and sharing style tips independent of big-name editorial opinion.

* Very few permanent jobs are available within the industry, it can be a tedious lifestyle choice to potentially be working freelance. Yet there are many stylists that work freelance as editors that have a substantial income.

What is the estimated salary of fashion editor?

* This depends on what publication they are working for and if they work as a freelance editor for a number of publications.

* Fashion estimates the median salary to be $47,000 US, while higher-end fashion journalists earned $68,000 US per year in 2010.

* Top-level pay for fashion editors ranged from $70,000 to $100,000 in 2010.

* New Zealand salaries vary depending on what publications you work for, due to the small percentages of magazines in New Zealand there is no salary statistical information)

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