Apprentice: Taj Mahal and Team Essay

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Apprentice 9
The teams task was to manage a fleet of pedicabs around New York City. Versa corp used the women as their strategy to lure people in and also sell advertisement on the carts. For team Protege they had incentives for the bike drivers that brought in the most money before 12 and the most money in the whole day. It was hard for Heidi to focus on the task than her mom because she was more concerned about that which is acceptable. The thing I thought Heidi should have done was just try to juggle both because it could have saved her in the end. Versa corp dealt with Katrina trying to tell her ideas but did not cooperate well with her team which led to the team not listening to her. One bike from Protege was suppose to be occupied by one of the team members which was Kwame who did not promote the rickshaw very well. Luckily, Troy switch positions and took over which brought in customers and started bringing in revenue. Versa corp had a sign fall off of one of the bikes which made them have to credit the companies sign of $250. During the task, Heidi of Protege, was being inappropriate and was cussing which did not look professional on her part as a team member. This looked bad enough to hurt her in the end. The project manager for Versa corp, Amy, was beginning to be pushy as a leader which led to some differences between team members. Unfortunately Protege lost to Versa corp due to their idea of selling advertisement for companies. Both Kwame and Troy were safe but unfortunately Heidi was sent home due to her inappropriate behavior and her lack of leadership skills. Versa corp’s strategy to sell advertisement proved they were the better team which brought in more revenue than Protege.

Mariah Saturday
Marketing II
Period 4
Apprentice 10
In this episode, each team was to promote some incentive for people staying at the Trump Taj Mahal to register to gamble. The team with the most money spent in the casino won. The team was on their way which Protege had a great idea to start brainstorming ways to bring in customers to the casino on the way there. For Versa corp, they decided to…