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“Why I want to be an apprentice at ReelFX” Why do I want to be an apprentice at ReelFX? Simply because of the variety of work ReelFX does. Ranging from cartoony to realistic,

Variety of animation styles, would meen the animators at reelfx would have a variety of techniques one could learn from
Apprenticeship would give me a chance to finally get out there and learn animation in the professional world. A chance to continue my education in a field I love, while contributing to the workforce at the same time. See the difference in workflow in professional as opposed to personal experience. Acquire and understanding of professional pipelines.
Set in dallas texas, favorite city, would KILL to work here. Not to mention born and raised in texas, so dallas would be close to my hometown. Went to school nearby, always loved the area, would love to move back
Studio based in favorite town.
Would allow to continue living in the state and town that I love.
Loved animation sinse I was a child, use to try drawing my own animations, eventually went to school for cs but ended up in the ATEC department at UTD
Wanted to learn animation as a child, but went to college for computer science
Later learned about CG course at UTD was like a dream come true, art and animation all in one computer related package.
Was at UTD where I first learned about reelfx, found I would be able to stay in the city I loved if I could work there.
Discovered a specialized school for animation,