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Human Resource Management – SMBA7101

Assignment – 1

Term 1

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Sudent Id : 1204070 * Approaches of HR Function and execution to the issues which bring positive impact on the company’s ability and productivity: There are number of issues associated with the HR functions which could be debated and can be evaluated or questioned where they actually stand i.e. for the organisation or rather making it more complex for a management .There are some of the HR functions which are considered as an organisations best tools to boost the company’s efficiency and productivity. * Selection & Recruitment Process: The selection & recruitment process is one of the crucial aspects in HRM. This was a very simple task in old days where it started with the defining the vacancy moving further with choosing the source of recruitment and then pre – selecting the candidate or short listing the candidate and then interviewing and making a job offer. Since HRM has developed with the period, the selection and recruitment process has also been enhanced; new systems have been introduced to replace the existing methods of recruitment. E -recruitment is now more popular these day as the recruitment process is much faster and convenient for both employee and employer. The E-recruitment has brought revolutionary changes to the old system but as we know there are two side of the coin and hence there is some major downside of the E-recruitment which can prove that it is not at its best. Let us analytically evaluate the E-recruitment and conclude on its efficiency. Firstly the additional cost comes up straight away as company receive loads of applications and screening and short listing than secondly the there is no personal interaction of the applying candidate is involved hence making it more complex to decide on offering the job lastly the candidate applied for the position is also not satisfied with the response as the firm usually emails the auto email stating unfortunately we cannot progress your application any further as we have got other candidates more close to the job published. On other hand companies can go through the large number of CV’s at a time which was literally impossible task in traditional methods ‘, very fast recruitment process efficient and can provide human resource at a given time through E-recruitment. (Chris Joseph eHow coordinator) To conclude from the findings that the E-recruitment has efficient and productive for employer and the downsides can be ignored as the positive side’s makes a strong stand to the business and which is always considered in the modern era. * Reward System: The reward system is a tool to HR which if strategically used can prove a very lucrative for a firm. The reward system as defined by Bratton and Gold 2005 Reward – ‘all the monetary, non-monetary and psychological payments that an organisation provides for its employees in exchange for the work they perform’. The reward system defined by Bratton and Gold makes a very clear view reward system but there are some more aspects which are now incorporated to the reward system. The reward is now not just limited to the monetary and non – monetary and psychological payments, the organisation is facing a very big challenge of a competitive forces and to sustain from it the strategy which is used by much of the organisation is to train and develop the employee so that the employee can be a potential future benefit for the company. For e.g. the companies provide free academics / course to the employee also provides visits to businesses exhibitions and intercompany transfers to help employee understand more about the company and enhancing the skills and knowledge about the company . These days the line managers and supervisors are more concerned about the productivity and quality due to immense pressure coming from the senior management for which the reward system plays an important role by designing a