Approaches to Self-Managed Learning Essay

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Learning through research is an important part of modern independent learning. Ability to use the internet can provide up-to-the-minute data from a range of sources. A Personal Learning Environment is comprised of all the different Internet tools we can use for learning. Social software is increasingly being used in education and training through such applications as web logs, wikis, tools and applications for creating and sharing multi media and tools for sharing all kinds of different personal knowledge bases including bookmarks and book collections. Examples of the software you can use for your personal learning environment include a word processor, an e-mail client for communication, a Web browser, search engines, a diary for managing …show more content…
It is the fact that the learner has a choice and makes a decision to select this or that module does not constitute true self-directed learning.
Continuing professional development
Growth and success in the ever-changing world of work is increasingly about individuals taking responsibility for their personal development. Our evolving culture requires that individuals be accountable for self-direction, to practice self-management of their own learning and to actively search for wider experience and opportunity. This does not take place in isolation. The self-development process should also bring direct benefit to the team in which the individual works and the organisation as a whole. As part of the Advanced Professional Qualifications for Business Change Professionals a Continuing Professional Development programme has been developed which runs in parallel with the organisation’s own performance management and appraisal system and, with a minimum of paperwork, can result in an annually renewable, recognised qualification.
Linking higher education with industry There are three ways in which higher education links with and supports industry and national economic performance. Supply of highly qualified people – the higher education system is the major source of supply for industry and the economy of highly qualified personnel. Some