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Approved Topic List: Choosing Your Field Project Topic with a Primary Prevention Focus

Note: You may not log any work on your field project until you are enrolled in Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Field Experience/Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Clinical and have selected your topic.

What is a Primary Prevention?
The Community Health Nursing practicum requires a field project. The project focuses on primary prevention. Primary prevention is the prevention of disease, injury, disability or premature death before they occur.

First Steps in Choosing a Field Project Topic
First, consider what might be an issue of public health concern in your own community. The pertinent questions to consider are:
What is the biggest contributor to disease (morbidity) and premature death (mortality) in your community?
What are the controversial community health concerns discussed in your local newspaper?
What do you believe people in your community are most concerned about related to health?
What is generating the most visits to the emergency room or hospital admission in your community?
What do you believe is reducing the quality of life in your community?

Possible Topic Areas to Choose for Field Project
Access to Healthcare access to mental health services access to dental health services access to health services
Alcohol and Drug Use responsible alcohol consumption prevention of drug abuse, including
IV drug use prescription drug use
Child Health prevention of neonatal mortality prevention of unintentional childhood injuries, including: sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) poisoning drowning motor vehicle related (child safety seat and seat belt use) sports related pedestrian related prevention of child abuse promotion of vaccination
promotion of health and well-being, including access to disability related services and devices, limit barriers to participating in home, work, school, or community activities
Disaster Preparedness prevention of adverse health consequences caused by natural and human caused disasters
prevention of HIV/AIDS, including