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April Wigington
English 11 honors
Narrative Essay

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The most memorable moment of my life so far was spent lying on a rock bridge facing the beautiful stars in the twenty minutes I had to myself at young life camp this summer. It was not the first time experiencing something like that because I had been to young life camp before, but the second time I went really hit hard in my heart and changed my life forever. Young life is the most amazing organization. It’s like a youth group within your school group which is amazing for the simple fact that we are not only together during Sundays at church, its everyday. We have each other’s backs at church and school during our walk with Christ.

When I first arrived at Forestview high school to head to my second young life, all I felt was excitement. My first young life camp to Rockbridge the summer before was a blast but I didn’t get much out of it like I should have. So, this year I had more on my mind and all I felt was lots of mixed emotions. It was a new group of people, new young life leaders and a new place, but me being as outgoing as I am, I was so excited. The bus ride there was hot and tiring. I was feeling as if I was in a Arizona dessert and felt as if I could sleep for days. For everyone else though, they were singing as if they were Taylor Swift at her concert and I could get even a nap in. As we finally approached our destiny in the mountains of North Carolina everyone was screaming and yelling because what was really four hours, felt like four days! We knew we were finally there when Andrew, my young life leader, proclaimed “5 more minutes everyone! Make your last calls so you can turn in your phones and be ready to have the best week of your lives!” On my last night at camp we all knew that this was all soon coming to an end. We went into worship like usual and it was such an amazing moment to watch everyone’s eyes glued on the speaker, the tears falling from the girls faces and the boys holding our hands to comfort us, knowing this night we would all become different people and hopefully become brothers and sisters in Christ. Little did we know, at the end of the night our speaker Chris proclaimed “Next thing I want you guys to do is walk outside this building, find any spot at camp and spend twenty minutes with just you and God, in complete silence.” We all never thought that it would be that serious, because we’re teenagers, its hard to be quiet longer than two minutes. When we got done praying we all headed out of the building in different directions. I went to the right,