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A. an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor, had to elect president in 1800 when there was a tie.
B. This was a nickname given to a group of judges that was appointed by John Adams the night before he left office. He appointed them to go to the federal courts so there would be a long term Federalist influence in the government, since judges serve for life instead of limited terms.
C. A law passed by the Federalist Congress. This law allowed the president, President Adams, to stay up until midnight signing in new federal judges across the nation. These midnight appointments allowed the Federalists to still maintain power in the nation after they were a minority party in Congress. This act brought bitterness between the two parties.
D. James Madison, the new secretary of state, had cut judge Marbury's salary; Marbury sued James Madison for his pay. The court ruled that Marbury had the right to his pay but, the court did not have the authority to force Madison to give Marbury his pay. Most importantly, this decision showed that the Supreme Court had the final authority in determining the meaning of the Constitution.
E. Gave the Supreme Court the power to decide if a law is or is not constitutional. "Judicial review" was accepted as a result of the famous case of Marbury vs. Madison.
F. In 1803 Thomas Jefferson purchased 828,000 square miles of land for 15 million dollars from Napoleon, the leader of France. The purchase of this land sprouted national pride and ensured