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APUSH Application There are many reason I wish to take an AP Social Science. First, I feel like I can get more from this class then from regular U.S. History. This is because the class is AP, but also the people who also enter this class will be people I can learn from. I also feel like I am good with history as a subject and want to improve myself intellectually. Another reason is that this class is weighted and will prepare for college. I want to take as many AP classes as I can and try to keep all my doors open for college when I decide what I want to do with my life. Finally, I am curious and interested with history as a course in general because we are learning about people compared to learning about a formulas or equations in math. Overall, I wish to enter APUSH because it appeals to me as an interesting class and I feel that it will benefit me. There are many reasons I feel like I can handle AP US History as a class. For instance, I am currently taking AP European History and am able to handle the work load for this class, so I am confident that I will be able to handle this AP class. Another reason I feel like I can pass this class is because I will put my grades in priority meaning I will stop other activates s that I can properly do the work required. Also I consider myself to be good at history as a subject because I am good a memorization and analyzing events/people. Finally, I feel that I am stubborn enough to not give up because I have taking this schools