APUSH Ch.18 Review Essay

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1) What were dumbell tenements? Why were they used?
Apartment buildings that housed more families than they were built to hold. Poor immigrants who worked in nearby factories stayed there. They had air shafts and one WC per floor, but were grossly overpopulated and unsanitary.
2) There were several inventions that made skyscrapers possible. List them.
Steel, electricity, elevator, plate glass
*3) Cities provided many amenities. List them. What accommodations did cities not have?
Provided: mass transit, electricity, music halls, amusement parks, prostitute houses
Didn't provide: inside restrooms, sanitation
*4) Describe the American Catholic Church at the turn of the century.
The church had to adapt to the mass amounts of immigrants in America. It was constantly growing and split into different ethnic subdivisions. The Church was split into two different groups. The first wanted to assimilate the Church into American society and be able to marry those of different race and religion. The other wanted to keep the older ways of the Church and curtain the Church off from the ever changing American society.
5) What was an urban political machine? What did political machines do?
They bribed immigrants to vote for them by giving them food, housing, and a job. They were seen as corrupt, but could not be stopped because the immigrants continued to vote for the politicians who helped them.
6) Hearst and Pulitzer were known for which style of journalism?
Yellow journalism: fake titles to gain attention and outsell the other papers
7) What was "treating"?
A man taking a girl on a date to a local entertainment hall. He paid for her.
8) Many critics complain that culture was being _____ and was controlled by which social class? too feminized; the upper/rich class
9) Read the section on the middle class. What characterizations can we make about the middle class as a group?
Unions, generally lived outside the city but close to the city.
10) Reformers during this era feared that cities would have which effect(s) on people?
People would feel less independent and less Republican
11) Where did most of the financing come from for urban culture?
Private funds
12) Frederick