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1)The Colonial Population
a)Indentured Servitude
i)Young men and women bound themselves to masters for a fixed term of servitude, in return received passage to America, food shelter, and males clothing, tools, and land at end—in reality left with nothing at all
(1)Provided means of coping with severe labor shortage, masters received headrights, for servants hope to escape troubles, establish themselves ii)Most former servants formed large floating population of young single men, traveled from place to place, source of social unrest iii)1670s flow began to decline b/c of prosperity in England, decrease in birth rate
b)Birth and Death
i)Inadequate food, frequent epidemics, large number early deaths. But growth of population even after immigration, after 1650s natural increase= most growth ii)N= cool climate, relatively disease-free, clean water, no large population centers for epidemics= long lives. S= mortality rates high (infants too), life expectancy low, disease and salt-contaminated water. growth b/c immigration iii)By late 17th cent ratio of males to females becoming more balanced, led to increase in natural growth
c)Medicine in the Colonies
i)17th + 18th cent no concept of infection + sterilization, midwives in childbirth and recommended herbs ii)Humoralism led to purging, expulsion, bleeding. Most ppl treated themselves
d)Women and families in the Chesapeake
i)B/c of sex ration women married young, high mortality rates, premarital sex common. Life of childbearing, average of 8 children, 5 of which typically died in childhood or infancy. Had greater levels of freedom @ first b/c of ratio ii)High mortality rates led to many orphans, special courts and institutions to protect and control them. By 18th century life expectancy increasing, indentured servitude decreasing, more equal sex ratio, life easer for whites
e)Women and Families in New England
i)Family structure more stable + traditional, women minority married young, children more likely to survive, much of life spent rearing and childbearing ii)Family relationships and women status dictated by religion. S established churches weak, NE power in men who created patriarchal view of society
f)The Beginnings of Slavery in British America
i)Demand for black servants to supplement scare southern labor supply, limited @ first b/c Atlantic slave trade did not serve American colonies- Portuguese to SA and Caribbean, by late 17th century came to America w/