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Tyler Sutton
APUSH period­5
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Extra Credit Essay

The film “ Lincoln ” by Steven Spielberg gives a glimpse into the the last few months of sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency. The overall topic of the film was the
President's efforts in January of 1865 to get the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Also Lincoln is afraid that the Emancipation Proclamation will be discarded once the war ends, so it is important the he gets the Amendment through as the war concludes. The time period that this film takes place is the final months of the Civil War
(January 1865 ­ April 14, 1865).The film ends with Abraham Lincoln’s Death and flashbacks of his second inaugural address.
As the film progresses we see the troubles that Abraham Lincoln face with passing the
13th amendment. The Radical Republicans are scared the the Amendment will be defeated just by someone who wishes to delay the passing of it. The border state Republicans support is not guaranteed because of their main focus being the war ending. Also the amendment needs the support of several Democrats and a lot of Democrats lost their recent re­election. With everything going on with the passing of the 13th amendment Lincoln relies on the support of
Francis Preston Blair who is a founder of the Republican Party and whose influence can ensure more of the Republican states will support the amendment.
There are a lot of people played in this movie but some of the characters are Abraham
Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Preston Blair, and Robert E. Lee. Abraham Lincoln was the president at this time and he was dealing with the Civil war and separation of the states. Mary
Todd Lincoln was married to Abraham Lincoln and had a son. Preston Blair was a Republican who had a strong influence on the Republican party because he was one of the founders. Robert
E. Lee was a general of the confederate states.
Some of the Technology that was present during this time was the repeating rifle, the submarine, the railroad, and the telegraph. The repeating rifle was an advancement if rifles because it gave the shooter more than one shot at a time. Submarines were a big part of war during this time because it gave people an underwater advantage. The railroad was one of the biggest assets that the Northern states had on their side. With railroads the North was able to get supplies and and weapons wherever they were needed.
America was very recognized by other Countries at this time and when the Southern states seceded, the Union was the side that was still recognized as its own country. The
Confederacy was never acknowledged as its own country because its trade was was blocked off by the Union and it did not last long enough to establish alliances with other countries. Both sides were aided by England and France during the Civil War because they were able to buy weapons from these countries.Russia was also involved with the Union during the Civil War and was a big help for the Union in winning the war. During the Civil war many countries did not recognized the Confederacy because the Union warned that recognition ment war.

Tyler Sutton
APUSH period­5
Miss Chestnut

During the Civil War people were very frantic and moving around a lot because of the battles being close to their homes. Also people from both the North side and the South side that sympathized with the other side moved to the other side to support what they believed in. Most