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IMPORTANT DATES – APUSH 1492­ Columbus arrives in the New World 1588­ England defeats the Spanish Armada and establishes itself as a world navy power, Roanoke Island failure 1607­ Forming of Jamestown in Virginia 1619­ Organization of the first representative assembly in America, the House of Burgesses/ the first indentured African Americans came to America on a Dutch ship 1620­ Mayflower Compact (Pilgrims at Plymouth) 1630­ The Puritans sailed with John Winthrop to Massachusetts and establish Boston 1651­ Anthony Johnson given land (250 acres by the headright system) 1676­ Bacon’s Rebellion 1680­ Pope’s Rebellion 1680’s ­ Glorious Revolution takes place 1689­ overthrow of Edmund Andros 1692­ 1700’s­ 1692: Salem Witch Trials 1700s­ Enlightenment (continuing) 1730’s­1750’s­ The
Great Awakening 1754­1763­ French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War) 1763­ Treaty of Paris of 1763 (ended the Seven Years’ War)/ Proclamation of 1763 1775­ Lexington and Concord 1776­ Signing of the Declaration of Independence 1781­ Battle of Yorktown 1783­ signing of the Treaty of Paris ending Revolutionary War 1781­87­ Articles of Confederation

1785­ Land Ordinance of 1785 1787­ Northwest Ordinance of 1787/ Constitutional Convention 1788­ 96­ Washington elected 1789­ Ratification of the Constitution 1796­1800­ John Adams elected 1798­ Alien and Sedition Acts 1807: Embargo Act 1800­1808­ Jefferson elected 1800­
Marbury v. Madison 1803­ Louisiana Purchase 1812 ­ War of 1812 1819­ Panic of 1819 (economic panic)/ Florida Purchase Treaty 1820 ­ Missouri Compromise 1823­ Monroe Doctrine 1824­ Constitution of Texas 1828­ Nullification Crisis 1830’s­ Beginning of Manifest Destiny/ Indian Removal Act 1837­ Panic of 1837 1838­ Trail of Tears 1845­ Start of Polk’s Presidency 1848­ Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1850­ Clayton­Bulwer Treaty 1853­ Gadsden Purchase 1854­ Kansas­Nebraska Act

1857­ Panic of 1857/ Dred Scott Decision 1859­ John Brown Attack 1860­ Lincoln wins the election 1861­ Deep Southern states secede from the Union 1861­ April­ Attack on Fort Sumter, Congress passed Confiscation Act 1863­ Emancipation Proclamation 1865­ 13th Amendment 1866­ Civil Rights Act of 1866 1867: First Reconstruction Act launches Radical Reconstruction. Alaska purchased. Tenure of Office Act 1868: Passage of the 14th Amendment. Impeachment of Johnson. 1869: Ulysses S. Grant is elected as the Eighteenth President of the United States. Founding of Knights of

1870: Passage of the 15th Amendment. 1865­1877: Reconstruction Era, intended to rebuild the war torn South. 1873­ “Gilded Age” coined by Mark Twain 1876: Reconstruction begins 1877: Great Railroad Strike/ Munn v. Illinois 1880: Big Business Emerges. 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, Homestead Act 1884­ Cleveland won presidency 1886: Haymarket Riots. 1887: Interstate Commerce Commission. 1888­ Harrison won presidency 1890­ Sherman Antitrust Act 1892­ Omaha Platform

1893­ Panic of 1893 1894­ Pullman Strike 1896 Presidential Election of 1896, involving the Populist movement. , Plessy vs. Ferguson 1898 Sinking of the USS Maine off of the coast of Cuba. Demand for war against Cuba grows. The
Spanish­American War begins. Hawaii annexed/ De Lome Letter 1899­ Treaty of Paris with Spain, U.S. receives Philippines, Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico. 1898­1917­ The Progressive Era begins, promising the beginning of sweeping changes 1900­ Hawaii becomes a state/ McKinley becomes president/ Boxer Rebellion/ Open Door Policy 1901: Beginning of the Insular cases/ Platt Amendment 1904: Russo­Japanese War/ acquisition of Panama Canal/ Roosevelt Corollary 1905­ Founding of Niagara