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Compare the causes and early phases of the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe and Japan.
The causes of the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe and Japan were different even though the outcome of having outstanding and popular revolutions was shared. In Western Europe the industrial revolution was taking place as more and more innovation were flourishing. The work in factories was increased because of the people that would come from agricultural places toward the cities in search for jobs, because agriculture was not providing enough for them. Contrasting that, what lead Japan to their industrial revolution was the stability which they counted with. This stability was related to having a well-functioning market linked to urban and rural areas, which in marked them as capitalist economists. Also the above percentages of women in literacy compared to other parts. Many other things contributed to Japan being a well-organized state which took them to their industrial growth.

Compare the Haitian and French Revolutions.
The French Revolution had a great impact on the development of the Haitian Revolution. They both had in common that the problem that lead to revolution was social conflict. Within the own place of each one, the disagreement and injustice toward the lower class people pushed them to start a revolution. They also shared the violent and strong radical position in their revolutions. In both revolutions slavery was abolished, even though in France it was temporarily. The idea of citizenship equality flourished as an outcome of both revolutions. There major difference was the influence of each region after their revolutions. France became a very powerful state with its own empire that even tried to conquer and impose their rule and Haiti. Haiti had the intention but since it was thought to do it with France and it didn’t rule, it didn’t have major influence.

Compare the roles and conditions of elite women in Latin America with those in Western Europe before 1850.
Role of women and conditions of elite women in Latina America and in the Western Europe was not that different. As being part of the elite class, those women had more rights than the working class or middle class women. They usually were in charge of stating home and taking care of the children and household. They were not forced to work usually. Even though they had more rights, they didn’t have much political influence, if any, and the patriarchal system was still prominent. The elite women in both regions, joined the other class women in order to claim for their rights, which later on took more importance and became a movement. They considered that they should have more participation and fought for equality and more liberty.

Explain the forms of Western intervention in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Western Europe had a clear intervention in Latin America with the Haitian revolution, with France being a big influence in Haiti. Also with the Spanish