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Waterproof cellphone
Hi we are Aqua, a new company that specializes in waterproof cellphones. We are asking for 150 000 dollars for 20 % of our company.
If you are on vacation and you want to take a picture of yourself in the water with your cell phone the Aqua phone is perfect for you. If you are at the sink and you want to bring your phone in but are nervous about having it next to the sink the Aqua phone is for you. If you are in the rain or near a puddle and you are worried about using your phone, then once again the Aqua phone is for you.
Over the year each member has invested 5, 250 dollars to make 70 phones, which we have sold privately. We have sold every single phone, which made us a profit of 50 dollars off of each phone. If you invest in our company we can guarantee even greater sales. Our plan is to start distributing our phones to major and small phone companies like Rogers and Fido. If this is successful then there is an opportunity to expand this company and make different types of models similar to the Blackberry. We can have touch screen models, slide phones and more. This phone can become the next best thing.
Each phone costs 250 dollars to make. We would like to make 500 phones and distribute them to seven different phone companies. We will sell the phones for 350 dollars and the companies will resell them for 400 dollars. The costs included in making the phones are the battery, backing, keyboard, frame, screen, and operating system. If everything goes as planned we can potentially make a 50, 000 dollar profit.
Although the resell amount is 400 dollars, all phone companies offer deals with 3 or 2 year contracts so the consumer most likely will not have to pay full price. An example of this is for Rogers. For theBlackBerry Torch 9810 the regular price is $549.99, but on a select 3 year plan you only have to pay $99.99. So even though the resell amount is high the consumer still has options.
Our Manufacturing process
Purchasing – we have two people who are in charge of purchasing our products and finding the best prices. We currently have put money into leasing a small warehouse where quality control and manufacturing is conducted. There have been no issues with our product and it is definitely waterproof. Our grading is also conducted in this warehouse.
In terms of how the product will be dealt with after it has been made it will be packaged in boxes and then shipped in trucks to phone stores.
We would like our marketing to be done through the different phone company’s websites, commercials, and in the newspaper.
Consumer: teens to