Essay on Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis

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Major decision issues in the case

1. Aqualisa has to decide its channel strategy (which channel to choose from trade shops, showrooms, DIY sheds, or plumbers to increase sales), product promotion strategy (how to promote new product), and product positioning strategy (how to position products in a segment).

2. Most of the plumbers are conservative and historically hesitant to any electronic devices in showers. So how should Aqualisa convince and make these plumbers accept Quartz showers?

3. Whether it should target “do-it-yourself” market since installation of Quartz is very simple? Customers have to wait for 6 months often to get plumber services. So the simplicity in Quartz installation can be used as its selling point to target
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This will definitely attract all segments customers to think about quartz and consider it as their peace of mind for certain years after installation. This can even trigger some other segments customers to rethink while buying showers and may upgrade to quartz for its long life and hassle free maintenance rather than choosing a shower, which breaks down often.

8. Aqualisa should definitely increase its presence in showroom channel. This channel contains around 20 percent of market share and its customers prefer niche and hi-end products. Quartz being an innovative and out of box product in shower market, it will be attractive and life style statement for these kind of customers. Aqualisa should increase its presence from 25 percent to as higher as possible in showroom channel. Offers good discount to channel partner so they have interest in showcasing and pushing quartz to their customers.

9. Aqualisa should definitely enter “do-it-yourself” market but not in the beginning when product identity is being established in the market. Associating a premium brand like Quartz with low segment showers will not help build its image as most innovative and premium product. Aqualisa should first try to push the Quartz through showrooms channel and trade shops, which controls around 85% market segment (please refer point 3 in analysis supporting recommendation) in mixer shower. Once