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Aquitaine is a region located on the southwest tip of France, bordering Spain, and the Atlantic Ocean. Aquitaine is known as one of the oldest and most beautiful regions. In the early years, it was controlled by Rome (Julius Caesar/Augustus periods), then the Visigoths, then Great Britian, and finally was renounced as a national territory of France. One very important person from the history of France was the Duchess of Aquitaine, Eleanor. After the death of her parents when she was 15-years old, she became on of the richest people in Europe and the most eligible heir. She then soon married the King of France, Louis VII. However, much like Marie Antionette in later years to come, failure to produce a male heir caused a lot of tension in her marriage with Louis, even if they did have two daughters; and they ultimately divorced. Afterwards, she married the King of England, Henry of Aujjou. They had five sons and two daughters together. Eleanor bounced back and forth between France and England, leading both countries and became very involved in politics. Her sons later plotted against the king, and she took the fall and was imprisoned for many years. After Henry’s death, her son Richard I released her from prison and she remained involved in the countries affairs. Richard I (Richard the Lion Heart) is one of the most famous Kings of all because of his great conquests, generosity, excellent leadership, and the good king in Robin Hood, whereas his younger brother and successer John was not basically the exact opposite. Eleanor soon died in 1233. After the French Revolution, Aquitaine was separated into different districts (hundreds), but still stood strong and suffered little damage. Architecture in Aquitaine from past centuries still stand and can be seen today. Most areas in Aquitaine are very traditional with their “cottage/castle-like” houses. There are big cities, but most people prefer to live in the country. There are still very many castles- the most famous ones being Castle of La Brède, built for Montesquieu and King Henry IV of England, Château de Puymartin, Château des Milandes, Château de Castelnaud, Château de la Roque, Château de Hautefort, Château de Commarque and the Château de Beynac. Aquitaine has a current population (or at least in a census conducted in 2010) of 3.5 people, and very many tourist visits each year. It has an area of over 15,949 square miles. The capital of Aquitaine is Bordeaux, one of the most beautiful places in all of France. One of the most popular things about Bordeaux is that it still looks moderately traditional with its cottage houses and old stone roads. Aquitaine also has very many mountains and grassy plains. It is known for its pleasant climate with warm weather for most of the time with very little clouds in the sky. One of the most important things about Aquitaine is its production of wine; mainly at the capital, Bordeaux over 2600 years ago. Vineyards can be seen throughout the country