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I feel as if I am a very competent communicator in most areas except for when it comes to expressing my feelings when i am in a bad mood. When I am in a bad mood I just shut down and I really do not really want to talk to anyone . I feel as though I am a better communicator in the other areas because I love talking to people , I love speaking in front of people and being in front of the camera. Others tell me that I am very outgoing and friendly .
We had some of the same ideas of my communication with others except for my mom which is the one who filled out , she says that I do not follow conversations well. I just think she's saying that because sometimes when she is talking to me I look like i am listening but I’m really not . But what persons child doesn’t do that? I think if I would have give this to my best friend that particular response would have been different for the simple fact that it's my best friend so of course when we converse I nine times out of times more interested in the conversation. My mom also explained to me she does not think it is a good idea that i argue just to get my point across. I am a strong believer of some stuff that I believe in . If i dont argue to prove I am right where's the fun and the debate in the argument or the conversation.
. Honestly I think my moms survey was more accurate than mine was because she observes me everyday and observes what i am doing. I think this outside view is very important because sometimes we might have a thought about ourself fixed inside our mind that may or may not be true. But it is the thoughts that we tell ourself that makes us

feel like a better person. Sometimes we need someone to sit down and explain why they think a certain way about us . This overall survey shows me that I am a fairly decent communicator according to my moms answers and with my answers . I