Araby Character Analysis

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Huỳnh Trương Thanh Thanh- MSSV: 102111 REFLECTION
It is the fact that idealization may lead to disillusionment, especially, the love of young boys To illustrate this fact I will analyze the famous story “ Araby” of James Joyce. In this story, the round character is a twelve-year-old boy who loves sister of his friend, Mangan. He fell in love with her when the first time he met her and love formed in his heart without daring to express. This was considered as his first love.
Maybe the context of that time does not allow him to confess his feelings. Therefore, he just stood by the railings looking at her. Her appearance attracted him like the way she moved her body and the soft rope of her hair tossed from side to side. The first vibration cause him to mistake that feeling was love. He cannot distinguish what was true love or idealization. He had an intense conviction of his love when Mangan’s sister started talking to him. Just the simply conversation between her and him made him really joyous and he mistook that she also liked him. Idealization was formed then and he thought her sentences were suggestion for him. After that, he self-promised to buy her a gift without her requirement. In his imagine, the Araby which was mention in the conversation would be a great place. He intended to buy a special gift for the girl he loved. Love in his mind cause him not to sleep a wink all night. After a long night, he decided to beg some money from his uncle. With a conviction which is difficult to show in his heart, he hurried to buy a train ticket to come to Araby. Everything in his mind then became very wonderful and perfect; he guessed the girl would love him when she received the gift. However, at that moment, when he was standing in Araby, everything which he thought before was smashed completely. The image of lascivious woman in Araby caused him recognize that